Sheaffer Sagaris Chrome Ballpoint Pen

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The Sheaffer Sagaris creates the perfect balance of timeless style blended with modern design sensibilities. Built for comfort, this pen features a quality writing experience that makes the perfect pen for work, play, and everything in between.
  • Vintage Sheaffer style with sophisticated finishes
  • Side panel allows for personalization
  • Features the Sheaffer White Dot® of writing excellence
  • Pen Girth
    • Large

    • Medium

    • Small

    About the Finish
    • A chrome finish with a sophisticated vertical line engraving and polished chrome-plated trim
    About the Tip
    Slim, comfortable writing profile Sheafer T- Style Ballpoint Refills, (99337)

    5.4 inches


    5.26 inches / 133.6 mm


    13.44 oz / 381.02 grams