Sheaffer® Calligraphy Maxi Kit with Black, Yellow, and Blue Pens and Assorted Nibs and Inks

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Limited Time Offer
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In your hands, the written word is a feast for the eyes. The Sheaffer® Calligraphy line features fresh new on-trend finishes, multiple ink colors and nib sizes, plus mini and maxi kits for artful gift-giving. Designed with a window on the barrel for easy-viewing of your ink color and level, each pen features a stainless steel nib in fine, medium, or broad widths. The Sheaffer® White Dot® symbol of quality and prestige provides a lifetime mechanical warranty.
About the Finish
  • Glossy black, yellow, and blue resin with black trim
About the Tip
  • Click-off cap
  • Stainless steel fountain pen nib in fine, medium, or broad width options
  • Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly and dries quickly
  • Can be used with a twist-action Piston Converter (Refill #96700) to fill the pen from Skrip® Bottled Ink

7.36 oz / 208.65 grams