Business Gifts

Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply recognized and trusted worldwide for its distinctive style and superior quality product. Our writing instruments have long been symbols of innovation, modernization and tools that inspire creativity.

They are the perfect token of gratitude and appreciation for valued clients and colleagues. Quality craftsmanship, product guarantees, and trusted service ensure that the respect and recognition you are giving will continue to be conveyed for many years to come. Beautiful, high-quality emblematic decoration, personalization, and attractive gift packaging enhance the presentation and make any product from Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. a gift you’ll be proud to give and one that your recipient will be thrilled to receive.

From weeks in advance to very last minute, from your smallest local vendor to your largest global account, from 5 pens to 5,000, no matter what your budget may be – we offer a selection of our finest pens & accessories with inventory and deliverability as reliable as the products themselves. Show your gratitude, inspire creativity, ignite curiosity -- give Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co.

View our entire Corporate Catalog online and utilize Technologo Virtual Sample Technology to create virtual decorated samples and bring your Business Gift ideas to life. Simply click on the product you would like to decorate and follow the step by step instructions.

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